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Security Bollards Range

We have a range of retractable bollards available including: automatic bollards, semi-automatic bollards and manual bollards. Our bollards can be used to define or control access to an area such as Busways, Access Checkpoints, Staff Car parks, Schools, Universities, Council Sites and Shopping Centres.

Automatic Pneumatic Retractable Bollard

Automatic Pneumatic Retractable Security Bollards

Our Automatic Pneumatic Retractable Bollard is controlled electronically and operates automatically.

This bollard has an optional unified control system making it easy to operate from a security office.

Semi-Automatic Retractable Bollard

Semi-Automatic Retractable Security Bollards

Our Semi-Automatic Retractable Bollard can be a good option if you need to restrict access to an area but your budget is limited.

This bollard is most suitable for a higher security demand but with low vehicle flow.

Manual Retractable Bollard

Manual Retractable Security Bollards

Our Manual Retractable Bollard has been designed to control access to an area, allowing pedestrian access.

It is a simplified version of the access control bollard range, with stable performance and a simple operation method.

Fixed Bollard

Fixed Bollards

Our fixed bollards are easy to install and widely used in building forecourts and perimeters, shopping centres and malls, public and community areas, schools and university campuses and outdoor dining areas.

Fixed Bollards can be used together with retractable bollards for traffic landscape design or closing of appointed area.

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